How to deal with a 2-year old, who won't mind or listen, no matter what?!!

Lillie Marietta - posted on 10/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do you deal with a 2 year old girl who is going through the "Horrible-Monster Terrible Twos"? My daughter is driving me crazy, and nothing we do help. She is constantly into stuff, always messing the house up, throws tantrems, won't sit still, constantly doing stuff to aggravate her brother and sister, constantly doing stuff to aggravate me and her dad!! You can tell her a million times not to do something and she either ignores you, tells you "no", rolls her eyes at you, or will bow her head and give you this "demonic" look.....and then she just goes back to doing whatever you told her not to do. We have tried all the discipline techniques and NOTHING WORKS!!! We try timeouts, we try taking away privileges, we have did the "staying calm and trying to explain things to her in a calm voice".......nothing phases her, not even a pat on the butt!! Everyone has told me that maybe she isn't getting enough attention cause she has 2 siblings or not enough attention because she is a middle child (her sis is 3 and her bro is 4 months) but me and my husband give her lots of "bonding time", actually to be truthful, because of the way she acts it probably cuts into the other kids' time. Also, as far as the "new baby" thing, she was like this before I even had my youngest. What am I doing wrong with this child? What am I missing? Someone tell me I am not the only parent going through this!


Katherine - posted on 10/12/2012




You aren't doing anything wrong. Every parent goes through this with their 2 year old. I have 2 daughters and they were little monsters getting into everything! It was crazy! I thought I was going to lose my mind. I just redirected. I childproofed the house, and made it impossible for them to get into anything dangerous. When I was in the kitchen cooking I took out all the plastic ware and let them play with that.

Hang in there!

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