Jennifer - posted on 06/25/2014




Okay, i'm going to be perfectly honest with you - i'm not actually a mom to human kids, but i do have 2 dogs which are like my kids. i've thought about leaving my husband of 7 years countless times, but he always comes up with a way of keeping me around. i am also drinking vodka every day but am always sober when I go to work. we got a house around 2 years ago, and even though I pay 50 percent of every nail and screw that goes into the house, he act likes i owe him something. it was a foreclosure, and he's remodeled the house. I'm not the handyman, so he does do all the work. ive told him when we sold the house he can keep every cent of the profits.i have a steady job, and have been at it for the past 8 years, with only 2 sick days. there was a year that my former "best friend" tried to take my place - she and my husband were having secret phone calls. then it turned into i was breaking into her house and killing her birds and stealing her money, and tapping into her computer. one day she came by with her 20 year old son and presented my husband with a 46 pg document explaining all that i'd done to her. i asked my husband- do you actually think i would do all that stuff - he said he's not so sure , when I'm drinking. that really hurt. i wouldn't hurt a fly or spider, even when i'm drunk.

so now things have settled down, but i am always prepared to get an apt of my own, with my dogs, and lead my life the way i want. i don't want a man to control me.

I don't know who i am anymore, and what i should do.

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