How to deal with a toddler who simply doesn't care?

Amy - posted on 06/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Our almost 3 year old is just plain bad to me. Thought maybe he had ADHD, or was just a 2 yr old boy. He hits, throws, screams, never uses a regular voice-always yells, etc. Spanking, timeouts and taking away his favorite item doesn't work. He simply doesn't care!!! Me and my husband are at wits end. Nothing phases him at all.


Amanda - posted on 06/17/2012




Sounds like my son who is now 4. We don't think it is ADHD but he does have sleep apenea that causes him to display ADHD tendencies.

You need to be really tough with him. If my son won't listen, I come down to his level and make him look me in the eye, I tilt his chin so he maintains eye contact.
If he hits or throws or kicks. He is given 2 options 1) go outside and kick or throw a ball or 2) go to his room until he learns to behave appropriately.

If a toy is thrown or he behaving in a way that isn't appropriate then the toy he is playing with is removed until he can show me he can play nicely. I have had to remove all his toys and he has had to earn them back one by one.

My sons normal voice is either shouting or screaming. If he can't control the level of his voice he is allowed to go to his room with the door closed and scream as loud as he likes in there.

Praise him when he does behave the way you want him to, or he does listen and follow instructions.
Also get him out and about so he can burn off all the energy he has and let go of some of his frustration.
Some of it could also be boredom. I know my son gets bored very easily and I am constantly trying to think of different games to play and different activities to do to keep his mind stimulated. I am now working on school skills and learning to read to keep him out of mischief.

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