How to deal with an estranged son for 7 years


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Connie J - posted on 01/29/2013




My son has been estranged for 7 years. I had hoped this would only be a short while but I guess that is not the case. I have tried to talk to him, email, or letter and any other way I can and he will not talk to me. I feel like this must have been my fault since I have two other grown boys and our relationship is great! I would give anything to talk or reunite with him. We were so close when he was growing up. I just have trouble dealing with all this and my heart hurts and I long to hug him.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/29/2013




More info needed.

Was the boy estranged from you for 7 years, or is the boy still estranged, and is 7 years old?

What (in general) led to the estrangement? What are you trying to accomplish now? The term "deal with" suggests an unpleasant experience that must be "handled", rather than an experience that you are looking forward to or anticipating.

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