How to deal with an upset parent at school?

Princessamiira - posted on 01/28/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




A mother from my daughters first grade class came up to me & told me that my 6 year old daughter said "I love you" to her son. I made sure she was talking about my daughter and she said "yes". I didn't know how to react at the moment so I said "I will speak with her". She replied "thank you", didn't seems too happy. Should I be worried or is this mother overreacting? I spoke with my daughter & told her that she should only say I love you to family not in school, I also spoke with the teacher (she didn't seem to think this was a big issue).


Firebird - posted on 01/28/2012




She's over reacting. Hell, a little boy in my daughter's class kissed her cheek last month because it was her birthday. It was right in front of me and his mom, and we thought it was cute! I was especially happy because my girl and this boy had some problems getting along just 2 months prior. You handled it just fine, this mom's got issues. Like Denikka said, there's not enough love in the world right now.

Sherri - posted on 01/28/2012




Not sure why this was even brought up to you, it is so very minor. I would ignore it. Your daughter didn't do a darn thing wrong in my opinion.

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I have 2 boys, one is 11 and the other is 8. Since kindergarten they have told me that little girls have told them they love them at different times. I'm sure one or both have probably said it to girls too. In grade one it is completely innocent. That mother has issues and she is going to lose her mind when her son gets to grade six and a girl asks him to be her boyfriend. I asked my son "So, what does it mean if you have a girllfriend and he said that sometimes you hang out with her and a bunch of friends at recess." It would have took every ounce of restraint i had to not laugh in that mothers face if i had been you. Too funny!!!!

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I think you handled it fine. I would say that if the boy has mentioned it to his mum, maybe the boy was uncomfortable with it (only maybe, maybe he also thought it was really cool that your daughter said it to him!!). If his mum is not happy with the way you have handled it, then I think she is over-reacting. I agree with the teacher, it's really not that big an issue.

Denikka - posted on 01/28/2012




I think you reacted appropriately. If she's still upset after the action that you took, I would say that's her problem and not yours. Seems like there's not enough love in the world right now anyways. I don't understand the need to stifle it further.


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Amy - posted on 01/28/2012




It doesn't sound like a big issue to me but maybe that's because my son has been running around the house singing "why must I be a teenager in love", but changes it to kid. He says he has a girlfriend but won't tell me who it is, he's 5 years old.

I think you handled it very well, you spoke to your daughter, you followed up with the teacher, I really don't know why the mom was so upset unless it bothered her son but I would think she would of mentioned that.

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