how to deal with babies 22months apart

Deanna - posted on 02/27/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im a mom and stay at home wife I love my daughter and my husband just found out I was pregnant and im more so worried about my baby girl who is 13months I dont want her to feel like mommy dont love her and that she is not loved... I want her to feel every bit of love that their is inside of me for her


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Denikka - posted on 03/10/2014




I'm with Andrea. My oldest two are 22 months apart and my middle and youngest are 30 months apart. And they all adore each other :) I've never had any issue with jealousy or them feeling neglected. Part of that I think is their personalities, but I also attribute a lot to getting them as involved as possible.
I didn't take my oldest (son) with me to my doctor appointments, but we did spend some time every day, usually around bedtime, talking to baby, and he would feel my stomach when it moved, things like that. And then once baby was born (my daughter), I had him get even more involved. He was perfectly capable or getting things for her, diapers, wipes, toys, etc.
With my third child, it was the same thing. I had the kids involved pretty much from day 1. They would help me with chores that were difficult for me to do, and we spent time just about every day talking to baby. This time around they did get to go with me to appointments, which they LOVED (although I would caution that it's SO much easier if you go with an extra adult to help supervise the kidlet :P). In fact, they still ask about going to the *baby doctor* and want me to have another baby so I can go back (my youngest is only 8mo XD)
I think that keeping a child involved, instead of dragging them along as a bystander, is so important to the relationship they'll have afterwards. This baby isn't just you and your partners child, this is also your daughter's sibling. I think a lot of people forget about that aspect of things.

Andrea - posted on 02/27/2014




Hi my oldest 2 are 17 months apart... I took my now 6 year old to all my doctor appointments { took my mom or hubby with } He loved to watch the ultrasounds. { I had lots as my little lady had a birth defect, but is fine now at 4 almost 5 } So we spent 6 weeks in the nicu where my son was with me 24/7... When we came home we made a fun by letting him help with diapers changes, bath time, feeding time ect... Then while she was sleeping him and I would play and have cuddle time or whatever he needed at the moment...
Just let her be part of it and just point to your belly and say baby, have her "talk" to baby and ask her to give baby kisses... Will be some of the sweetest photos ever.. It will all be ok, they understand better then we think.. There will be an adjustment period, but it is just getting in a good routine...
Hope this is helpful... Take care and best wishes...

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