How to deal with deadbeat dads?

Shenise - posted on 08/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So im 20 yrs old & 8 months pregnant with this really absent guy. He hasnt bought our daughter anything and he wont even talk about her with me. The thing is that he knows she's his but he's acting like he cant help me and says things like "goodluck". He has one son a few months old by another woman, and supposevly theres another woman who is also 8 months pregnant& shes having a girl by him also and he doesnt even talk to her. I get so angry with him that I tend to curse him out really bad through text & its like thats the only way he'll even talk to me about her. through an arguement. I feel really alone and sometimes I get really upset and overwhelmed about being a single mother but I got a great blessing out of the whole deal so shes the only thing that keeps me sane. what should I do about him? he makes promises to buy her this and that but never does. I tell him im putting him on child support and he says he will dissappear before I even go to the courthouse..


Mary - posted on 08/26/2013




He wont disappear if you don't get legal assistance and if he denies paternity there's always DNA test. You cannot let him put you down girl. You have to show him that you strong and whenever you need someone call family. Tell him that "you are gonna miss out on a whole lot of happiness and joy and ifyou choose to not be part of it thats on you". He hs a chance to be in your baby's life as much as the others. I also recommend that you pray. Hopefully all goes well but if it doesn't just know that you got support from family + friends and a precious child. If you still want him to be there, definitely get legal help...

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