How to deal with difficult family members?.


Heidi - posted on 10/19/2015




My partner and I still have our families but we also have a family of our own now. Both sides of the family would like us to pack our bags to see them when no-one ever seems to visit us in return. I understand we only have a two bedroom house on an 1,000sqm block of which they could and have used there Camper van to stay but some just like to say plain out no. They expect us to bend over backwards to see them with my volunteer work over the summer is my busiest time, my partner's work committments, the time to get there to play happy families, sport on weekends & the like. But it's always us that seems to be travelling to other family members when & if they choose to invite us. We try to explain things to them but it always falls on deaf ears like their the most important people & nothing else matters to them just as long as we don what we're told they're happy but in directly we're not. I am gluten free, to go with that but the family don't believe a word we say about it. My younger sister always said that she was busy with work & playing sport over the weekend of which she informed us of the time that she'd like a visit but in talks with her she wasn't been reasonable because we were happy to watch her play sport but she just said no. We are being flexible as possible but the other family members are being impossible to deal with.

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