How to deal with Ex?

Beth - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




OK, long story short (well, kinda) My son is almost 2 and I am not with the father. We haven't been together for about 9 months. I am already dating someone else, the love of my life actually and couldn't be happier with my life except for one area... my ex!!! I swear he is trying to make my life a living hell. I have a little hunch he has not moved on yet and is still hung up on me. We have shared custody of our son and it seems on my days I dont have my son my ex is trying to find ways to sabotage any plans I may have... for example. On a day I dont have my son he will text in the middle of the day he needs me to pick our son up because he's working late. In my opinion this is not my problem! He still wants us to be team mates but in all reality we are not. If i decline and say sorry I have plans he trys to make me feel guilty by saying whatever i have planned should be canceled because our son is most important. I feel like he's still trying to hold on to the little amount of control over me he may have left. He goes out of his way to say Im a terrible mom because I have a boyfriend. I NEVER choose my BF over my child! This is a ridiculous accusation. He tries to make me feel guilty when i refuse to go pick our son up on the days I dont have him ( i dont do this because i know my ex is playing games) I never ask my ex to go pick our son up from daycare because of work. I made it clear to work that i have a son and he needs to be picked up at a certain time, I feel my ex should explain this to his employer as well. My ex pays for our sons child care but this is a court order because he makes the most money! He rubs this in my face all the time and says I dont do enough for our son. He acts like he is the world's best dad because he may have him for an extra night here and there... this is because i dont sit at home like my ex and I have moved on with my life unlike him. Of course here comes the guilt trip when i go out of town. I dont know how to handle this anymore. Things will be calm for a few weeks then everything crashes down again. I want to be able to raise my son the 50% of the time I have him and not have to talk to my ex every freakin day! I want to be able to have my social life, bf and son without my ex trying to make me feel guilty. Is it wrong of me that I have moved on with my life and I'm making a new life? My bf and I have talked about marriage and all that jazz. He is totally on board with my son as I am with his daughter. I keep telling my ex I am not a bad person because I am over him. I am young and still deserve to find happiness. What do i do!!


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