how to deal with my 13-yr old daugther who has a boyfriend now?


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Amanda - posted on 04/04/2012




Boyfriend conversations should of started years ago. I have been speaking to my daughter about dating since she was 8. We have talked about things like, theres plenty of time to date men when you are in college or even done it. Also she has a realistic view that the boys she will date in highschool (because no 13 year old is allowed to date in my house), will not be the one. She wont even know them when she leaves highschool. She has been taught to respect herself, since at least age 8, and teen pregnancy talks happen at least once a week in this house.

As for boundaries, no boy should EVER be in a 13 year olds room, door open or not.

Louise - posted on 04/04/2012




Set some boundaries early. If they want to hang out in her room the door stays fully open. Homework comes first, before any date. etc.... Then have the chat about respecting herself and not going to far. Also allow your daughter to ask any questions she likes about relationships and answer her as openly as possible. Keeping communicaion going is very important because when she gets older you will need to be able to talk to her about contraception without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

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