how to deal with my 14 yr old she is pregnant


Kimberly - posted on 12/11/2011




Ok so I'm guessing you want to yell,swear,scream at her but after all that she will still be pregnant and it will have helped nothing. I can be pretty sure at 14 she would be scared of what is going on, even if she's acting like she doesnt care. Talk to her but mostly listen to her too. Get her to a doctor so they can explain all her options and what to exspect from each one. If she is going to keep it, get her eating well, one some kind of pregnancy vitamin, keeping up with her school work and get her into somebody to talk to. Its going to be very hard on everyone and emotions are going to be running high good luck with it all and let us know how you go

Medic - posted on 12/11/2011




Kill joking haha........I guess support her the best way you can and help guide her through some really life changing decisions.

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Shayla - posted on 10/24/2012




I got pregnant when I was 14, I had my son when I was 15 and I'm 17 now, my son is almost 2. I am doing really good for myself... Even though the father is a terrible person. I graduated high school a year and three quarters early with awards from my school. I started college immidiately and am in a medical assisting program right now. Currently I am bringing in anywhere from $800-$1500 dollars a week. Age is just a number. With the right work ethics, set goals, and steps to complete those goals, she should be just fine :) Push her to keep the baby and accept the responsibilities that she has now. Tell her that the baby has only her to count on.

Also.. don't use the words deal with.. what has happened is a blessing. Maybe a post title that would be better is.. "As her mother, how do I encourage her to be a good 14 year old mom?"

Tara - posted on 12/12/2011




Give her all her options, take her to a sexual health clinic, a doctor etc. and make sure she knows whatever she chooses to do you will support her decision and you will always be there for her.
If she chooses to keep her baby, go to prenatal classes with her, learn along side her, things may have changed since you had a baby, go and experience all of it with her, as her support if she will allow you. This will bring you closer together in the long run.
And really yelling at her will only push her further away. She is a child but she is going to be a mother, with adult responsibilities show her that you respect her and start treating her as you would an adult. Don't tell her what to do or that she has done wrong, allow her to learn and experience and have consequences. She can do this, and do it well if she has support. You are her closest support.

Tracy - posted on 12/12/2011




Support, support, support, this is the best advice I can give! I dont know your daughter, or the situation, but I do know that it is a hard road and she will need family around. It is possbile to achieve great things even when you have a baby young. I say this from experience. However my mom walked away, and I had support from friends that turned into my family. My son was born on the day after my 15th birthday, today I'm a college gradute, and my son well he now servers to protect us all in the US army. It again is a hard and a stressful road, but also very exciting and rewarding. I would have not changed a thing, except wishing my mom was there. She didn't meet him till he was two. So yell and scream but in the end please love and care for her, but teach her this was her choice, and now she is a mom too!! Stay in school, work hard, and I wish you and your family all best!! Remember God never gives us more then we can handle..

Bonnie - posted on 12/12/2011




Yelling, arguing, grounding all won't make a difference in the end. If she chooses to keep the baby, you will all get through it. Those in this situation usually do.

Stifler's - posted on 12/12/2011




that sucks :( but i agree it needs to be her decision and she will really need support from you. i hope things work out

Brianna - posted on 12/11/2011




support her with whatever her decision is and make sure u make sure she is well educated on all your options

Ez - posted on 12/11/2011




Talk to her. And if she won't talk to you, get her to the doctor, and see if they have a nurse or social worker who offers counselling.

Someone needs to give her ALL of her options. It needs to be her decision. And she will need your support, whatever she chooses.

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