How to deal with my Disrespectful Naughty Tween Step daughter

Yolin - posted on 04/03/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have an 11 year old step daughter. She is extremely spoilt, rude, lying and disrespectful. My hubby always takes her side by telling me we can't discipline her because her mother is a monster. The child lies to him, does not answer when she is spoken to and when she does answer it's in a most disrespectful way. My own daughter is 14 and she never got away with such bad behavior. It makes it very difficult for me cause my hubby blames my daughter for always being on his daughter's case. How do I deal with this? My step daughter manipulates my hubby and he's too blind to see it. I really want us to have a happy warm home.


Michelle - posted on 04/03/2016




It's not your place to discipline her anyway, that needs to come from her Father. I agree with Sarah, if he's not willing to step up and parent then you have the choice to stay or leave.
Using the excuse that her Mother is a monster doesn't fly when it comes to discipline, that's just an excuse not to be a parent.

Sarah - posted on 04/03/2016




These topic of parenting and rules and boundaries must have come prior to your marriage. What option do you have? Tell him to step up and parent, live with it, or leave.


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