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I'm a 22 yr old women who's in college and works and live on my own....i recently told me mom that i'm 4 months pregnant and she was acting like a 'itch and telling me that i need to tell my g-parents and my dead beat dad......i told her to tell them but she just isn't going to and is not happy.........i'm a good child and person also i'm getting married and she's the type of mom that isn't happy with anything i want to do and never taught me anything to prepare me for life....i've always made good grades in school and can anyone tell me how to handle this


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/18/2013




Handle it by being an adult and telling the people who deserve to know. You are not a kid anymore. You are having a child of your own and getting married. You should be able to tell your own family that you are pregnant. It is not your moms job to do that. I don't see how she is being a bitch.

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