How to deal with my husband who is now disabled.

Aloha808 - posted on 02/19/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




iam 30 years old stay home mom with a very active 5 year old son that attends special K for speech & behavior delays cause of being born at 24 weeks. my husband whose 34 yrs old suffers a disease called spinocerebellar ataxi type 2 he was diagnosed at age 24. we've been together since I was 19 but at that time he was more active hiking,movies, etc even our intimacy level was through the roof I knew not that he had a health issue or at the time it wasn't something to raise a red flag yet. But now with his disease from working in the warehouse department at a casino in vegas which paid really good to support a family of 3 and a dog to recently being placed on leave of absence since his job was unaware of his disease the hiring person didn't notify the higher ups about they didn't want to just fire him or it would be discriminate so theres a waiting game now. The last time I had sex with my husband was when my son was conceived I was 25 and in between then and now im sexually frustrated, we had an issue where he was speaking to other woman on facebook which I caught him so my trust in him isn't as strong as before even though he was sorry and would never do it again Iam still hanging on to the past, we cant do fun stuff like eating out, movies,hiking or just a simple walk from our apartment to the car. he now uses a walker his mobility isn't too stable I see the looks people give because of his issue they don't understand he looks young but to everyone else they assume hes on drugs I know its not his fault but I hate always having to plan ahead or go on the defensive mode when we leave the house. im in unchartered territory I never thought I would be dealing with this so early maybe when he hits 60's. now im stressing that I have to support our family now I didn't get to finish college thinking I would be able to take up where I left off after my son was older. trying to understand what just happened and now what do I do in just a short time im lost and no one to talk too until I found this site. friendly advice helpful

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