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Petal - posted on 07/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My children's dad left me last yr in may for someone else. Our son was 6.
He's basically my 1st love so it hurt a lot. From that point he started disrespecting me.
In december/january they broke up. He asked me 2 give him another chance and I agreed. We got pregnant shortly after. He wanted me to get rid of the baby and I refused. We agreed eventually to work things out.
His behaviour throughout my pregnancy has been horrible. I've been cursed, called names, embarassed most times in front our son. He undermines my authority when I try disciplining our son. He even went so far as 2 grab my son's cellphone and take it off when I was disciplining him from work.
I've noticed my son tends to behave differently with me when his father is around now. I've tried talking to him about his behavior and when I do, he says I'm nagging him and he will improve once I stop nagging him. He tells his friends it's my fault he treats me like this because I have an attitude problem and I nag too much.
I'm just wondering if anybody else is going thru or has gone thru a situation like mine. If so, can u suggest any actions I could possibly take? I'm so fed up of feeling scared and hiding it from my family and friends


Hannah - posted on 07/26/2011




You are in an abusive relationship and you are training your son to treat women just like his father does. They only thing that you should do is leave this man. By staying with him you are guaranteeing your own misery and the misery of whatever women gets snagged by the man that your son will turn into.

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