how to deal with toddler's tantrum !!!!!!HELP!!!!

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So i have a lil 21 month old and a 2 month old. My 21 month old has always been really good and calm. As when i had my second baby he been really jelouse. He doesnt do anything bad towards the baby he actually really sweet with the baby. But lately his been wanting to do little bad things here and there to the baby. I try really hard to give all the attention he needs so he doesnt feel the change even tho i knkw its not the same anymore with a lil brother. But lately oh my has he been throwing the craziest worst tantrums. And i know he does it couse he gets jelouse of his baby brother. First he started waking up at night and scream and cry all night long now he wakes up really early in the morning like 7 and starts crying and runs all over the house and sometimes to go to sleeo he throws a tamtrum. And he sometimes has a tantrum like all day... Yess crying fighting kicking. Iv done everything. Distract him play with him.take him out side ignore him mimic him take him a shower spank him (wich i hate so.much it breaks my heart) and after all of this it still takes him maybe an hour or 2 to calm down. I know this is all with adapting with the baby but how long would.this take. And what other techniques can i do to calm and take aeay his tantrums. Im starting to get worried i dont to.handle.his tantrums.


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Kids want attention they don't care if its positive or negative attention. So if you pay more attention to him when he's misbehaving than you reinforce that behavior. I always ignored tantrums in my kids, I would get up and walk away from them unless there was an underlying issue like they were tired or hungry then I addressed the issue.

You are absolutely right things are different now. And your son is 2 1/2 (I always thought 3 was worst than 2) be sure you praise him a lot and spend as much time with him when he's being good. I would always read my son a story or play a game while I was breastfeeding his sister that way he didn't feel left out. Make sure he's getting one on one time with his dad too, is there a grandparent who can watch the baby for an hour during the day so you can do something special with your son?

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