How to discipline an 18 month old daughter?

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I have been trying to teach my 18 month old daughter time out, which she realizes shes in trouble and would cry but thinks im joking. She would wait til i look away and then get up from the spot i put her in and go. i would put her back in the spot over again. another situation is when me and her daddy tell her no or stop she would cry. she has a little brother that is 5 months and im thinking could it be an attention situation or an overprotective situation?


Louise - posted on 05/11/2012




Teaching time out this young is very difficult. She is still a baby herself and does not fully understand what you are trying to achieve. If you want to continue with time out then put her in a play pen where she is safe. But personally I think she is to young to understand why she has to sit on a chair. I think you should wait another 6 months before bringing in time out. She has to understand what she has done wrong and be able to communicate verbally with you about it. Time out is 1 minute per birthday, then a discussion about what you did wrong and then you tell the child how to react or do things differently and then you finish with a hug. At 18 months she does not have the knowledge to process all this yet.

You are right if she is acting differently it is probably because her little brother is now starting to do things now and she is jealous of the time you spend with him. Make sure she is involved as well and give her special time at bed time so she feels loved and cherished.

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