How to discipline my 11 yr old son?

Tina - posted on 11/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I don't know how much longer I can deal with my son being disrespectful. He refuses to do anything I asked him. He's always talking back and fighting with his siblings. This morning we had a 30 minute argument about him brushing his teeth then he proceeds to get on the phone and tell his friend my mom is making my brush my teeth. I try to talk to my husband about taking things away but it does no good. I come home from work and he either gone to a friends house or some where playing his game. Everything I do to try and discipline my husband doesn't enforce it. I just don't know what to do. I feel like sending him to leave with his grandparents or to boarding school. I don't want my other kids to think this behavior is ok.


Amal - posted on 11/28/2012




Hi ...I feel exactly what you are going through ..I had to go through this at an earlier stage with my 8 Year old because his father lives away and is verbally abusive with him so the boy had problems with behaviour very early in Books....I tried talking to him..taking things away..rewarding good beahaviour ....I even tried asking psycotherapists for help ....You know non of these really worked ..i read somewhere that some kids are like horses they can be lead by sugar others are like Camels have to be warned by fire " a camel it seems does not stand up from a seated position unless heat is applied to its back side" !! so i started scaring him of some thinf example ..he had an issue about washing hands everyday when he came back from school so i looked up a very Herrendus pic of a Germ infected Hand from a MED book hung it at the sink and told him if you didnt wash daily your hand would look like this ....soon after he washed ....Another thing boys tend to be lazy about self grooming what you think is important they dont takes time and tremendous daily trying year after year after year dont give up!!!

and we wanted to send our boy to military camp as WELL!!! but i tell you the MOST CHALLENGING KIDS ARE THE MOST LOVED ...dont push your kid away from you disobediance is a sign that they need you even more...

Fathers are never helpful in fact they may lead to more disobediance ..but dont depend on the father try to get closer to your son his interests..his JARGON listen to him

I hope this helped ....PATIENCE is the KEY

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