how to do I potty train boy and girl twins to go to the toilet?

Isabelle - posted on 12/13/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My twins are 2 and half yrs old. I have tried to leave them without nappies and they dont tell me if they have done a wee or poo and have accidents. I have also tried toilet training nappies, but my twins wont tell me that they have done a wee/poo. My son only tells me after he has done a poo. Are they not ready yet? Am I pushing them too much??


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Louise - posted on 12/14/2010




It is unlikely that your twins will potty train at the same time as boys and girls differ greatly. I would concerntrate on the one that is showing signs that the time is right. If there nappy is dry after a nap or they go long periods of time without wetting a nappy then they are ready. I would start with your daughter first, put her in pants and then take her to the toilet every 15 minues until she has peed and then wait an hour and start the routine again. Reward her with lots of praise if she does pee or poop and ignore the accidents of which there will be many in the first few days. Really you should allow two weeks for your daughter to be totally aware what she has to do and even then you will get the odd accident. Once your daughter has mastered the art of going to the toilet then start on your son. He will be intrigued as to what goes on in the toilet and should follow quite quickly. Good luck. ONce you have made the choice to do this do not revert back to day time nappies as this only confuses matters stick with it they will get there in the end.

Britny - posted on 12/13/2010




my daughter is only 15 months, so I'm obviously not pushing the potty training right yet, but I do put her on her potty at l;east once or twice a day (usually as soon as we wake up when she needs a changing, and right before her bed time bath) I have noticed that after telling her a few times to go pee or poo and running water that she now understands what the toilet is for. Sometimes now, she tells me when she has gone in her diaper, just from this basic routine. If you slowly get them used to the idea I believe that they will get used to it (rather than intimidated by it) and they will show you when they are ready. :-)

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