How to equally love your children?

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I have two daughters that I dearly love, one 4 yr old and second is just 9 months. Sometimes I don't really like my younger child since I feel like everyone ignores my older one because of her, and my older one is not the princess in the house anymore, mentioning that I live in my in law family house. What do I do?


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Well, you don't have to love them equally. I don't think that you can love 2 people equally, but you can love them differently. Make sure that you are taking time every day to spend time with your first born. When she is asleep, address your concerns with everyone, that they need to be paying attention to the older sister the way they used to. When your in laws are making a fuss about the baby, that is your cue to make a fuss over your 4 year old.


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Ariana - posted on 12/30/2012




Fake it 'till you make it. Even if you don't love your children equally act like you do and it will come.

Plus it doesn't sound like you don't like your youngest child (considering she's 9 months) it sounds like this is how the other adults are acting. Try to make it so the family talks about your older daughter as well as the younger one.

Try to bring up positives about both the girls. So talk about how the baby is so cute (or can do this new thing or w/e) and also talk to them about wow look at what the 4 year old can do, she's become such a great ___(dancer, helper etc.). You could tell them what a great sister she is and have her help etc.

The fact of the matter is the older one isn't the princess anymore, there are two princesses. You need to acknowledge what's great about both your children and try to look at them both as your beautiful daughters. Try to explain to others as well how great BOTH your daughters are, not just one or the other. This is not the younger ones fault, it's your inlaws, do not displace your anger towards the younger daughter.

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