How to feed your 1 year old.

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Hi, i have a beautiful little boy he just turned a year old October 25. I am a first time mom by the way and i am a little confused on how to feed my baby for lunch and dinner. He can be a picky eater at times how can i make this situation a litte easier?


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Keep introducing new flavors and textures. Some food preferences are set early in life, so help your child develop a taste for healthy foods now. Allow your child to respond to internal cues for hunger and fullness. You decide what healthy foods to offer at a meal and your child decides which of those foods to eat, how much to eat, and whether to eat at all. If he won't eat a certain food at all, then try something different at the next meal. After a week or so, try the food he didn't like before, to see if his tastes change. (My 8 y/o step-son is a very picky eater, and he just discovered on Saturday that French Toast is delicious. Never stop trying to get the child to eat different foods.)

Between 9 and 15 months is a good time to transition to a sippy cup. Instead of cutting out bottles all at once, you can gradually eliminate them from the feeding schedule, starting with mealtime. If you are still breastfeeding, and want to start the child drinking whole milk, then offer it in a cup after the child has begun a meal (avoid the bottle habit altogether). Never leave the bottle or sippy cup in bed with the child. If they fall asleep while drinking, the milk can pool in the baby's mouth causing a potential choking hazard, and could lead to tooth decay.

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