how to get 2 yr old to stay asleep in his big boy bed?

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so if i sit next to his room-he'll go to sleep. that's not a problem. I can understand that. however if he so much as rolls over in his sleep, he wakes up, realizes i am no longer sitting there and goes into absolute hysterics. then he is totally awake; and it takes 1-3 hours to get him back to sleep. putting him back in his crib is not an option; neither is moving him back to his old room. I let him CIO tonight. he managed to get the door open frequently so we put the baby gate across it. Not sure if that was a great idea or not as then he culd see that i was sitting on the couch.


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Lisa has a good suggestion about running his energy off. My boys (4 & 2) are the same. Run them around like crazy and they're gone for the night.

However, remember that at 2 years old kids go through another bout of separation anxiety, which is often worse than the 8/9 month old one. My 2 yr old will often wake at night and snuggle next to me (we co-sleep and have a side car cot where he sleeps). If I'm not in bed when he wakes, he'll cry and come find me.

It's just another stage they go through. If your son has only recently transitioned to a big boy bed, it will take time. If his hysterics don't settle after a while, you could always go back to your former sleeping arrangements for a few months and try again when his separation anxiety should be settling.

Good luck!

Lisa - posted on 05/10/2011




Has he just recently transitioned into a regular bed? It just may take time for him to adjust. My 2 YO has started a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and coming upstairs to find me. I've found that if he's spent all of his energy and crashes at bedtime, he sleeps through the night. So I make sure he gets lots of opportunities to run off his energy so he falls asleep hard.

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