How to get a 2 year old to use a spoon.

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Hi. My son is just over 2 years and is having trouble using a spoon. The other problem is he won't let me help him. I started making oatmeal for breakfast and I'll help him with the first few bites, but then he gets mad. If he actually gets oatmeal onto his spoon, he brings it to his mouth holding the spoon vertically. I just don't know what to do to help him, since he will start refusing my help. Along those lines, he has a fork with dinner, but he won't use it, he'll always hand it to my husband or I to stab something for him or he will use his hands.

I know that eventually he will learn, but it still doesn't stop my from worrying. My friends son is 4 months younger then my son and can use his spoon. I know, you can't compare kids, but it just makes me wonder if I'm not spending enough time teaching him correctly or if he's just a late bloomer. Thanks in advance.


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My only advice is to make the porridge really thick. (use yogurt instead of milk) That way it sticks to the spoon no matter what position it's in! That's exactly the food that taught my son how to use a spoon.

Another thought might be improving his fine motor control in other ways, like making a game of putting straws into a pop bottle. Those little muscles in his fingers might develop better control that will benefit him at the table.

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