How to get help if the help we have availible wont help you??

Danielle - posted on 01/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a single mom of 2 young boys who are growing up too fast. I have been separated from my ex for over 2years. My ex signed his rights away and left us with nothing. I have managed to make it by the skin of my teeth but at the same time I have just about lost my sanity. I work crazy hours and get paid crap money for what I do. I travel over an hour just to get to work and its taking me all my pay check just to get here. I know why work so far away. well where I live they are very stubborn about hiring anyone that lives in town. I have applied to over 100 jobs and well I guess you can figure out now why I work so far away.. Because there just is no job close enough to me that will hire me.. anyways, I have asked for and filled out a ton of papers just to receive help like most parents an or moms out there. But I have been denied for a reason I can not understand being a single mom and bringing home under 1200.00 a month. How can I better my life and my kids life and be able to make it thru life in general with paying bills, being with my kids more and finding a job that will pay me for what I am worth so I can support my children?? any advice is much needed. I have a crazy life with all that has gone on and I just need help with anything I can before I loose what I have left. Please help me.


Ev - posted on 01/06/2014




I also have a struggle to make ends meet and make just barely more than you and I am living by myself and helping to take care of a child that lives mostly with dad. Its not easy. And if you were denied the services such as food stamps, rental assistance, and so on, it may depend on the state you live in and your income and family size. They do take that into consideration. WHat all have you tried? What did they tell you?

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