How to get mt 23 year old daughter diagnosed for aspergers?


Rebekah - posted on 07/02/2012




A psychiatrist or psychologist would help clarify what might be the issue with your daughter and are the only ones qualified to assign a diagnosis like that.

By the way, I hear that the classification of Aspergers may not be used in the future, but rather it may be part of the Autism spectrum of disorders. Regardless of the label, a professional can help identify what the root of her struggles are, what she needs to do better, and how you can help her. Once you find out what the nature of her problem is, you might also be able to find a caregivers support group for yourself.


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Sally - posted on 07/02/2012




I cannot begin to tell parents how frustrating the last 23 years have been for both me and my 23 year old daughter. I knew she was " a little off" but now realize she could have aspergers. I just want to find out information to get her diagnosed, than to get help for the both of us. It's a hard place to be to know how hard to push her, or am I being to hard! A diagnoses would be a big step in helping all of us.

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