How to get my 2 year old to stop freaking out when it is time to brush his teeth?

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My son is two years old and freaks out when it is time to brush his teeth. I give him the chance to brush his teeth on his own..sometime he wants no part it in and sometimes he just sucks the toothpaste off, brushes his front teeth once and he is done. When i try to brush his teeth thoroughly he throws a fit screaming and crying? I have tried singing toothbrushes and him watching his daddy and me brush our teeth along with other things. Most of the time when he sees me holding his tooth brush he will run and hide. Any suggestions?


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Probably against the main stream, but I spank when there is a tantrum. So when my son would start throwing a fit I would tell him he could either settle down so we could brush his teeth or he could get a spanking and we could brush his teeth. He would still be a little whiney and fidgetty but chose to have his teeth brushed every time.

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I sing a song when we brush our teeth that I made up. Both my kids (3.5y and 19m) do well with it. It goes:

Brush your teeth

Nice and Clean

We don`t want cavities

Brush them til they shine so bright

Brush them good

Brush them right

We sing this once for the top, and once for the bottom. I also told him that the `dentist lady` told me I had to have a turn after him to make sure we get them brushed right. My daughter hasn`t been a problem, she looks up to her big brother and imitates his awesome tooth-brushing!

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I don't have great advice as my 2.5 year old is still a bit of a desaster in that area, but one thing that certainly made it better was having a picture book about toothbrushing. It's in german, otherwise I'd recommend it to you but I'm sure you can get one in english too. Ours features a little boy who learns all about the tooth monsters in his mouth who will nibble on his teeth if he doesn't brush them. I have a choice of six or seven books in the bedroom for bedtime and she quite often picks that one herself. My dentist said as long as I somehow get the toothbrush in there, he is happy. He also said that the most effective way to protect your teeth is to limit carbohydrate intake to three times a day, as your teeth will be able to cope with that. Easier said than done, we are failing miserable with that one...

Anyway, good luck!

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