How to get my 28 year old son to stop taking advantage me financially, emotionally etc. and move out to a place of his with his girlfriend?


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Christine - posted on 09/08/2012




Thank you for your response. I've talked to a few people and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have him leave via police escort. As he doesn't seem too interested in finding a place of his own. Time for him to grow up and be an adult and time for me to start my new life as I am in the process of going thru a divorce (after 35 years, high school sweethearts) it is hard enough for me going thru that process never mind having him hanging around my neck. So again thanks

Sophia - posted on 09/08/2012




Did this start over night ? Maybe you have to move -- and not allow him back in your new home. people can only do what we let them do to us. MOMMOY he is a big boy .... even have a grilfriend. not being mean but you need to talk to someone ( get help in letting go ).

Dove - posted on 09/07/2012




Stop giving him money and serve him with an eviction notice. Speak to the police and/or a lawyer about how to get him out of your house.... and do it.

Does he have a job? If not, is he actively trying to GET one? I will never just 'kick' my kids out of my house, but if they are staying here once they turn 18 they WILL be contributing to the financial and over all well being of the household.... or they'll be finding somewhere else to live asap.

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