how to get my 7yr old boy to concentraite in school

Stacy - posted on 01/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is so easy to be distracted i am at my wits ends even his teacher noticed it in mid way of doing something he is off doing something else i don't know what to do it is effecting his school work now and the sad part he is super smart but it doesn't show anymore..


Amie - posted on 01/31/2012




Does he have any learning disabilities?

What has the school done to help him?

Does the teacher have a plan or is it all falling to you?

Has anyone asked him why he's doing this?

It could be anything from a learning disability to vision problems IF it's a medical issue. Our oldest has ADHD and our son has vision tracking problems. Our oldest is now 11 and doing fine, she was diagnosed in grade 1, we did what we could to follow the natural path but it wasn't enough. She started meds in grade 2 but was off them by grade 5. She's in grade 6 now.

Our son has vision tracking problems, it's something that he was referred to an eye care specialist for. His isn't severe enough to need her constant therapy but she is supporting the school in helping him. As well as seeing him every few months to monitor him. He was prescribed bifocals also. It all seems to be helping him. He's coming along in his school work now. Both from the therapy and added help, as well as the boost in confidence his glasses have given him (it's unclear if the glasses are doing anything, they are a really weak lenses but he feels confident so if it helps, it does)

As for the school, I hope they're doing more than complaining! Yes he is probably disruptive but it's also her job to help you ferret out the issue. If it's not medical, he could be bored at school, he could be getting frustrated with a project or the setting, etc.

I think it's one of those things you and the teacher need to find the issue and then work on it from there, together. Bring in outside help if its needed, the school does most of the paperwork on that but there should be some for you to sign as well.

It honestly could be any number of things but you won't find the answer online. It's something that the school (teacher) and home (you) need to work on together so he can get back to doing his best at school.

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