How to get my 9 year old to brush his teeth and shower??

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Every morning before school i have to get up a little early to make sure he washes his face, brushes his teeth and also at night i have to tell him over and over to go shower, im getting tired of this i dont know what else to do to encourage him that he needs to do these things every day, he gets mad at me everytime i make him do it.
Should i just let him snap out of it on his own? i don't like to argue with him everyday about this :(


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Almost every 9 year old boy hates to take a shower and brush his teeth. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those things you can just let go until he snaps out of it. You don't want him to get cavities or gum disease or get too stinky from skipping the shower (he won't be able to smell himself, but others will!).

My son is also 9, here's what we do. Every night at 7pm he takes a shower, then brushes his teeth.
I make sure he is not in the middle of doing anything he loves, that way he doesn't mind as much--If I have to pull him away from his favorite game or toy, he's going to resist, but if he is cleaning his room, he's usually pretty responsive. So about 6:30pm I give him a 10 minute warning before I make him come inside or turn off his game or whatever so that he can finish up what he's doing (That's one of my own pet peeves! lol If I'm in the middle of something, I get really mad if people try to pull me away from it abruptly--Just give me a minute to finish and I'm fine, so I do that for my kid)

At 6:40 I help him get his books and such ready for the next day, talk about things he is looking forward to etc. It's a part of the day he looks forward to, so he doesn't mind turning off his game to come do it--It is IMPORTANT that you do something he LIKES to do after pulling him away from his toys or he'll get sulky. This puts him in a good mood, then about 6:50 I give him something he doesn't like doing so much, like chores or a quick study review. Then I tell him to go take a shower and brush his teeth. If he is finished by 7pm he can watch a show before bed or stay up an extra half hour to read or do non-screen time activities. I know that's sort of a bribe, but my kid is so into the habit now (It did take some time) that sometimes he asks me if he needs to shower. We are so set in the routine that he just "KNOWS" he's going to shower and when he's going to do it, so he just doesn't argue it anymore. He still doesn't like doing it, and he lets me know that, but he does it, and that's all that really matters.

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