how to get my baby to eat normal food??

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little one is almost 17 months now and i am having a really hard time getting her to switch to normal food. I've been trying for a few months now and only got as far as getting her to eat the graduate meals like mac n cheese and lasagna with just the noodles. Anything with little pieces of meat in she will not eat at all, or try a bite spit it out and refuse to eat anything else. She also wont eat anything with chunks of vegetables in it. She is getting to big to keep eating pureed baby foods and she has enough teeth and knows how to chew her food so i know shes ready for it. She used to never be picky about food would eat any baby food given to her. Im just hoping someone can give me an idea on what to try. She eats noodle y foods, crackers, french fries and some fruits with no problem but id really like her to have more of a variety so shes getting all the nutrients she needs.


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Elizabeth - posted on 03/21/2011




The thing about kids is it may take them up to and over 20 times of having something to really develop an appetite for it. Unless you want a picky eater not give in and avoid certain 17 months she should seriously be eating whatever the rest of the family is eating at each meal. As you said ..she has plenty of teeth and is certainly capable. It sounds to me that perhaps you waited until she was a little older to start solids?
I can tell you from experience with both of my children that I started cereals at 4 months when they could sit on their own..and then cheerios at 5 months...and chunky foods mixed with purees from there.

Keep giving her her own portions on her own plate at family meals and let her hold her own spoon ..even if she just uses her hand ..she needs to get the idea of using the spoon. If you are feeding her then you get a spoon and she does too.

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2011




well the pasta shes been eating is only the Gerber brand or Beechnut brand foods. She has tried scrambled eggs but wont eat them either. Its not like im giving her french fries everyday its just something she will occasionally eat if i have them. She always seems interested in the food on my plate so I have tried feeding her from what I have and still she spits it out. She will eat stuff with rice in it but again nothing of real nutrition because if it has veggies or a little bit of meat she spits it out.

JuLeah - posted on 03/19/2011




Well, no real nutrution in pasta ... so don't worry if she is not eating that. Fries too, I'd skip. Orgainc fruits and veggies (not big chunks). Lentils maybe? Brown rice? Will she eat a scrambled egg? (again orgainc) Stay away from white flour stuff ... remember, no dyes, no trans fats, no chemicals ... her little liver will go into overdrive in an effort to remove the toxins from her body and she needs her body to be focused on healthy growth .... any meat you give her, make sure it is also organic and hormone free ... she doesn't need adult growth hormones in her body at this age.

My daughter would eat anything if it was on my plate and not hers. I'd put a small amount of foods on her plate that I knew she loved and what I really wanted her to eat on my plate. She would demand to eat what I had :)

She is nine now and it will sometimes still work.

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