How to get my mom to not pick up after my 3 year old (who picks up his own toys) when she's watching him?

Ariana - posted on 10/22/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok, I live with my mom (not a free-loader situation, I pay half of everything, rent/food/utilities etc.). She watches my son a lot for me which is awesome.

What's really frustrating is my son is old enough that he picks up his toys in the living room, he knows where things go and stuff, and my mom will start picking up half the stuff he's supposed to, or sometimes all of it. I tell her, don't pick everything up for him, and either she'll say 'I'm not picking everything up' or 'just stop it' and act all mad at me.

This coming from the super clean control freak who freaks out every time anything is out of place. Yet somehow I become the bad guy when I want my child to pick up after himself (which he's perfectly capable of doing, and I give him plenty of positive encouragement when he does it and redirect him back to specific things if he gets distracted).

How do I get her to stop picking up half/or all the toys he brings out. It's especially annoying because sometimes he goes to throw a bunch of stuff around and I tell him, if you throw all these things out you're going to have to clean it all up, are you sure you want to do that? If it's just me sometimes he thinks about it and doesn't toss it all, but if my moms around he'll do whatever. Then she blames me for letting him take to much stuff out (which usually isn't even the case since I try NOT to let him take to much stuff out for that reason).

I've asked her to stop, I say, stop picking everything up for him, he can do it himself and she just gets mad and gives me some angry thing or acts like I'm being crazy.

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