How to get my toddler comfortable in underwear?

Kaleigh - posted on 01/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 year old will poop and pee on his own ONLY if he has no diaper/pants/underwear on. Help!!! Basically he utilizes the potty at home because that's the only place he can go bare bottomed. He will tell me as soon as he pees his underwear or pants but refuses to pull them down to use the potty. It's almost like he feels that if anything is on him it's like a diaper. He even takes 2 hour naps with nothing on and wakes up dry... I'm so confused!


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Arthur - posted on 10/10/2014




With me, I loved my underwear, that I always pulled on my underwear, though I couldn't pull down my underwear. I seriously peed in my underwear and cried bitterly, which I try too take a nap, too feel less seriously uncomfortable in my seriously wet underwear. I then, tried too open the front of my underwear, that I less seriously pee in my underwear, which I cry less bitterly and try too feel comfortable in my less seriously wet underwear, which I took a nap, then I feel less uncomfortable in my wet underwear. I am of profound mental retardation socially. The same for your girls. Your girls, must love underwear, that they always pull up their new underwear, though they can't pull down their new underwear. They, just seriously pee in their new underwear and cry bitterly, which they try too take a nap, too feel less seriously uncomfortable in their seriously new wet underwear. They then, try too pull the bottom and back of their new underwear, that they less seriously pee in their new underwear, which they cry less bitterly and try too feel comfortable in their less seriously new wet underwear, which they take a nap, then they feel less uncomfortable in their new wet underwear.

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I just want to wish you luck. I know that isn't exactly helpful, but....

My girls were 100% successful at potty training from about 18 months... as long as they were naked. Any types of bottoms on and the success rate dropped to around 50%. So they were naked at home and awake and in pull ups in public and sleeping. We stopped daytime pull ups shortly before they turned 3, but they had night and day 'accidents' (w/ decreasing frequency) til around 8.5!

My son, on the other hand, fully potty trained himself while in diapers (around 2.75 years old) and was dry through the day and night for about a month before he'd keep a pair of underwear on for more than 2 seconds. He's been in underwear for a bit over a year now and has had maybe half a dozen daytime accidents and only one wet bed.

Very different kids and basically.... I have no idea how to get it done. lol ;)

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