how to get one year old to listen

Bobbi - posted on 05/29/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter turned one in march,and she is hitting(not hard)and mostly when shes excited,shes climbing on everything and when i tell her no she looks right at me like "oh really" and does it again and again and again,my friend suggested time outs so when ive told her no for the millionth time i say im going to put you in time out she just nods her head and runs over sits down and claps her hands.ive tried to give her distractions or try to play a game but it doesnt work.i feel like im just chasing her around the house telling her no all day,is there something i can do that will get her to listen or...i have no idea,please help


Jodi - posted on 05/29/2016




She's too young for time outs. The best thing to do at the moment, is continue to tell her no and then redirect her to something else, and also to make sure your house is childproofed (eg move breakables, put gates up to minimise the areas she has free access to, remove dangers, etc).

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