How to get over the father of my child

Adrien - posted on 02/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My ex and I lived together for 2 years we were engaged he purchased a house I moved in.
at the end of the 2nd year I got pregnant everything was great for sometime up until around October he started acting weird changing his password on his phone and a number of other things well we broke up, I was pregnant and living there still I was about to have our child in less than 4 weeks.
at that time he started seeing someone and told me about it I was completely heartbroken i had gound receipts from restaurants and other things as well a week after that the girl is at the house hanging out in the backyard.
I asked her to leave and she did, a couple of days after this I went into labor and he came to the hospital for the delivery and everything I had plenty complications while his daughter and I were in the hospital he had the woman over he was seeing that hurt my feeling because he didn't have a problem with that either when I got home from the hospital he beggede to stay and live like roommates saying he would not have anyone over I decided to leave and get my own place well within that time when he would have our daughter he would ask me to stay over and I would but now I don't do that anymore because I started getting sexually involved with him now that I distant my self from him he barely calls and he when he does he wants to know if everything is ok how am I suppose to answer that sometime I am bitter because of how he treated me

Help I am still in love with him I don't know what to we have a beautiful 3 month old

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