how to get pregnant after a tubal

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Hello I am a 30 year old mother of two beautiful children an 8 year old girl and a five year old boy. However I had a tubal Ligation 4 years ago after the birth of my son. I had experienced a miscarriage right before i got pregnant with him and I also had a miscarriage before the birth of my daughter. Well while speaking with my doctor about what method of birth control to use she suggested a tubal . I told her I would think about it but after that appointment she would get pushy about me having a tubal ligation ,,, well me being the pushover that I am I agreed to the procedure convincing myself that the doctor would no whats best and that I was being inconsiderate to my family if i lost another child. Now almost 5 years later i am seriously regretting ever having it done. Well i actually started experiencing guilt about 3 years ago. So now i want another baby and cant afford to have the procedure done. So does anyone have any suggestions about getting pregnant again??

Thank you soo much in advance


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Cassie - posted on 09/28/2012




Thank You guys soo very much. I appreciate all of your thoughts and caring kindness.... Again thank you soo much :)

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IVF, adoption, or surrogate mother. All 3 are pricey. have you looked into the cost of a reversal? It may be the cheapest option. Not sure- but good luck! I might also add that in the event none of the options are a possibility, you may experience a sense of depression over the loss of your fertility. This can be serious if ignored. Speak to your husband/partner about simply embracing the family you have over the possible depression that may come with loss of fertility. Speak to a professional to help guide you. Again, good luck!

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Not without having a reversal, or paying for IVF.

another option would be adoption.

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The only way apart from seeing if they would do a reversal would be IVF. It is a permanent procedure so unless you are ones of the very few that it reverses itself then you will need medical intervention.

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