How to get pregnant while nursing.

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My baby is 3 1/2 months old and I am wanting to get pregnant in around December or January. I want to continue nursing as long as possible but my body doesn't seem to like to ovulate while I'm nursing. I have 2 other children, the first two are 13 months apart (daughter weaned herself at 3 months) and my 2 sons are 17 months apart (weaned my older son at 5 months so I could get pregnant again) and I want the next age difference to be 14-15 months. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything I could take to get me to ovulate that is still okay for my nursing baby. I'd prefer natural or something over the counter, I don't want to have to go see my doctor, I really don't like him.

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Become Mother is a dream to almost every women .Thus,they need to be pregnant.During pergnancy period they have

to care

curtain thing.Most of the women struggle hard to become pregnant but fail due to lack proper knowledge.

how to get pregnant

Aimee - posted on 10/23/2009




I got pregnant while nursing. We were not planning on having anymore children right away but it happened unexpectedly. My supply had dropped off just a little and it caused my cycle to start. My daughter was born on June 19, 2009 and my next one is due May 17, 2010. My doctor advised me to stop nursing after getting pregnant so that the baby I am pregnant with could get some nutrients. I am not telling you that you shouldn't do it, but it is possible.

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It may sound harsh but u r doing ur body no favors. It takes 2 yrs to recover fully from having a child. What is the rush? How do u even have time to think about another one with 3 little ones at home? I would like to follw u around for a day to c how u cope!

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From personal experience, I did get pregnant while I was nursung. I had my first an only cycle about 7 months after I had my first. She was eating a little more solid food, so I guess a little less milk than before so biologoy kicked in. I agree with what the others have said about having to give up nursing. I did nurse for two more months after getting pregnant. I was so sick and so tired, I couldn't keep up. I guess I wasn't producing enough milk and she would get done nursing and would scream because she was still hungry. I finally had to give her a bottle. If your intent is to keep breastfeeding the one while your pregnant, I would highly advise against it. In my experience, it can't be done effectively. If your intent is to stop when you do get pregnant, you could stop now and give your cycles a chance to catch up. I'm not advocating that since yours is so young but I guess that would be an options.

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Your body doesn't like to ovulate while you're nursing for a good reason; it's natures way of making sure that your current baby gets all the nurturing it needs. Most women can't get pregnant while their babies are exclusively nursing. So, if you really want to have another baby, you're probably going to have to give up nursing. I would advise you strongly to look into healthy spacing between children. It is really not good for you, your baby, or any potential babies you conceive. Keep giving your baby breastmilk, the healthiest baby food there is, and let him/her grow out of babyhood when it's time, not forcibly because of the arrival of a new sibling to take all your attention. Is there a reason you want them so close together? You've already got three little kids, right? I would go crazy; my two kids are 27 months apart and that feels awfully close to me!

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Are you out of your mind? First of all you should nurse the babies the first year for the full benefits and protection of nursing. Second of all pregnancy and nursing require a lot of nutrients from your body. And you want to further depleat your body by burdening it with a forced pregnancy. And further more you say you dont like your doctor but you are going to go through another pregnancy with this doctor. I have to ask if the reason that you do not like this doctor is because he is trying to give you the same information and you simply do not want to hear what he has to say. You are only harming yourself and your children by forcing yourself into this depleated state where you cannot provide nutrition for them or yourself setting yourself up for disease when they are all very young. I know this is not what you want to hear and it probably makes you a little angry but pleas reconsider what you are thinking

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