How to get your kids to listen?

Miriam - posted on 08/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




In my house we have a problem. Mom and dad not on the same page most of the time. I am a stay at home mom with 5 kids and pregnant with my 6th. I have specific rules for the family. Like if you make a mess you clean it up. We have chores and a schedule. My husband is more well I just dont know how to explain him to be honest haha. He more or less blames me more kid messes and broken things and he grew up where kids have no chores or cleaned yet he will make them clean part of the time while mad at me.

That all being said. My kids do not listen to me and I feel like even if I give them what they want I still have to fight with them. Like they want to go out in the backyard and will fight with me to do it and if I let them then I have to fight with them to stay in the backyard and do what they wanted.....

When daddy is home he only has to say something once and they listen. Why?

How can I get a fun loving family who listens?

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