how to give a 15 year old girl confidence when her dad didnt


Wendy - posted on 05/10/2012




I have a 15 year old daughter that was taken away from me when she was 5. I wasnt unfit I just didnt have the money or family support to fight her Dad and his family. She has been with her Dad for 10 years and has recently decided to come and live with me. He kept her away from me for a few years and filled her head full of lies. I know that I have earned her trust back but she has no confidence or feeling of self worth. It hurts my heart that she feels the way she does because I felt that way when I was 15 and it lead me to a life of alot of bad decisions. I do know that Im here for her like my Mom wasnt. Im very concerned because all she wants to do is talk on her cell phone and her only interest is her boyfriend. Im terrified that shes headed down the same path that I went down and I definately dont want that. Can someone give me advice on what I should do?

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