How to give my 5 year old girl an enema for constipation?

John - posted on 04/23/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a single father of two girls and lately I've been working hard to keep them in good health since my wife split. I will admit my foolish actions of paying most attention to my 2.5 yr old has affected the health of my 5 yr old and It's killing me. While my attention was focused on my youngest, my 5 yr old took the opportunity to eat all the junk food she could find and now she is constipated. Not long after I found out I ran to the store and got the most effective treatment ...a pediatric enema. I got it because they've been known to be quick and effective which is what I need. So when I got home put the bottle with the rest of my med supply and went on raising my girls. Then yesterday when I went to give her the enema I realized I didn't really know how to give it to her right. she is putting up and fuss when I try to give it to her. What should I do? If there's any methods, or tricks to use on her to allow me to give it to her then please come forward and tell me because I don't want to be a bad father. Thank you to all who care enough to give some help


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I agree, an enima is not usually the first choice. Try adding fiber to her diet first, then tablets, then if she is still constipated call her doc and ask him about the enima. Those should really only be used in extreme situations when other options have been exhausted. They are quick & effective, whereas you will have to wait 10 20 minutes for the tablets to take effect, and perhaps a little longer for diet, but it doesn't sound like she is in dire pain given that you had time to sit it aside and forget about it for a few hours.

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Ok, how about you try something gentler than an enema? A simple suppository or miralax tablet are much gentler on the kids, and easier to administer.

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