how to handle a naughty 7years old boy

Zanele - posted on 10/13/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




good morning mommys, i am a single mom of 7years old boy who is in grade 1 now, he is good with his studies and the teacher is happy with his work, the problem is he is very naughty in the class never listen to the teacher sometimes they will chase him out of the class because he is disturbing the other kids, he is lying all the time now he has started stealing, i have been punishinf him beating him but he does not change i dont know what to do anymore or how to discipline him, i feel like a bad mom for beating him all the time and he never listen, i do sit him down and talk to him, tell him what is right and what is wrong, he wud listen but he is not going to do that, Please i need your advice


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Beating your kid is obviously not working, so why are you continuing? You feel bad, because you know you not looking elsewhere for consequences, and you know it is essentially wrong.

Take away privileges. Enforce reasonable consequences. If he is put out for disturbing the class, remove a favorite toy, or a TV show that he looks forward to, and he gets it back by behaving properly.

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