how to handle a stepson that doesn't listen

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Iam dealing with a 6 yr old boy that doesn't listen cuz his mom says to be bad so I will yell at him. Which I try not to. He knows more about court than I did at his age. His dad works alot so on his weekends he's with me during the day. I'm trying to have patients. His father knows about this but there is no talking to his ex. She's unreasonable. Her son says that she says bad things and I'm ugly. What to do?


Norma - posted on 10/13/2012




You both are having it rough. I would try as much as I can to make your environment with him as pleasant as I could even if it requires to let up on minor rules. If you have friends with 6yr olds have play dates with them or do things with him that he likes- movies, museums, skating, bowling, bicycling, tennis, or the both of you get into fun classes. Basically become friends with him. It will be a challenge but the payoff after much effort will be in your favor.

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