How to handle Mother in law problems?

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How to handle disrespectful mother in law who doesn't like her step grandson?


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If you give your husband an ultimatum like "Her or me" you are going to be the one losing him.

Honestly, she seems a bit rude, but nothing here sounds like anything to stress about to me. In regards to your son, just because you and your husband consider both kids "ours" doesn't mean she has to, and you really don't have any right to make her. I assume your mother treats both children equally? If that is so, just ask your mom to lay off gifts for the daughter so that things are more equal. She has her grandma and he has his. If your mom has passed away or lives too far away to interact regularly, try planning something special for you and your son to do together while the husband takes the daughter to visit grandma. You'll still have to choose between biting your tongue or making a scene at family functions, but most of the year, you don't see her much, and neither does your son.

In regards to friending the mom on fb, haven't you ever heard the expression "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? Fb is a great way to keep tabs on someone. Plus, if the mom posts a lot of pics with the daughter, the grandma might just want to see the pics of the daughter having fun. Most people I know are friends on fb with at least a few people they don't trust. That's why you never put anything damaging on fb.

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