How to handle this..PLEASE give me some tips/advice.

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My teen has become more and more distant lately. She does have depression (we have already gotten it looked into), and i do know that effects it sometimes. But what do i do when i tell her "I love you" and all she says to me is "That's Great" and leaves? Why does she do that? We recently got over a big fight that made a bit of a rift. She has been starting to spend more and more time alone i have noticed recently. I am not sure if that is my fault or not.. she just seems to be pulling away a bit more, not wanting to be around me as much.. i know she still loves me though. What do i do? She is an older teen (would prefer not to give out age). Please help.


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@Mrs Higgins, i sit down and spend a lot of time with her, and we do things together sometimes. Lately she has been refusing it though. She has severe depression and that effects her moods a lot, but i just dont understand why she is pulling away is all. I can be an annoying naggy mom sometimes, that may be it but i am not sure. Is it normal for teens to do this sometimes?

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I have asked her to sit down with me...she isnt the type to open up. I do say i love you a lot to her and i can be a very clingy mom. We have tried discussing things but it does not usually go well. We used to have a good bond, but as soon as her depression came back at its worst she pulled away a bit.

Alma - posted on 04/17/2014




I don't know if you ever set down and asked her to open herself to you and tell her no matter what I won't judge you. If yes she probably needs space for herself. Maybe going to her school counselor and see what she has to say. Hope you find bond with your daughter again. I have two teen boys but I guess it's way different from girls

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hi,it seems that there are some emotion issues that you have to solve between you and your teen.

what i can advice you on is,that you need to sit down with her and spend time with her, maybe she needs attention and more affection.

theres something that is seriously bothering her, you need to find out what it is and start working on what is making her feel that way and find a solutionto make things better.


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