How to handle your know it all MIL

Amanda - posted on 04/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I recently married into a soft core pentacostal family. They speak in tongues and heal the whole nine yards,and thats fine with me but i just am not interested thank you. MIL is a sweet small southern woman on the outside but whoa was i fooled! The husband and i had some issues before im 10 years younger was back and forth with moving to lousiana and commitment (our business) or so i thought. He ends up being the biggest mommas boy ever telling her every detail behind my back. She invites me to a xmas party having already told all the family i get the cold shoulder and am confused? Well fast forward 6 months im preggo! I get a vague im sorry and this baby is part of her too. lol ok well the advice begins ....and nevr ends...i read alot especially about my pregnancy i was so scared. Every fear i would let out at dinners or any comment really is always met with a rebuttal of some sort or a one up..and i just cant understand what the heck man! They are also pretty racist still and wants us to enroll my child in private school to get her out of the way of black kids did not ask just said see what yall need to do. wow im mexican and i just ..ugh..shocked. she also threw in cant wait to get her dedication outfit i was pretty proud of myself then, i said i dont know when and if that will happen. she looked stunned and carried on lol. Small things like im so glad she dosnt cry with everyone is met with well...she could change hunny shes very small still. or her eyes will change by six months, and lets dont forget she told my dad its been different with me around. sheesh im sorry guys i just cant fake it anymore the husband is oblivious to all of this but has told her to back off with the unwanted advice....dr quinn is what i call her. she knows every medical thing possible no did not go to college. please someone tell me cause me biting my tongue is becoming painful and driving a wedge between us. HELP


Louise - posted on 04/12/2012




My advice is move as far away as possible! this is not gong to change ever. If you want your marriage to last then you are going to have to break the apron strings from mother to son.

She is never going to change, for your childs sake, she/he does not need to be around this sort of attitude, it is damaging. Talk to your husband and tell him you feel sufficated and need to be away from her vice like grip. He will not see what she is doing because he has grown up with it all of his life. Tell him how unhappy you are with the situation and the fear you have for your relationship. Only then will he realise that you mean business.

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