How to have a baby boy

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love to have a baby boy and need help how to go about it. Anyone thanks.


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Hi! I know that female sperm live longer inside of you than does male sperm. Sperm can stay alive inside of you for 3 to 5 days. First, try to find out what your ovulation day is. You have a better chance of conceiving a boy if you have intercourse the day of your ovulation than the days prior. Women who are trying to conceive should definitely aim to have intercourse during that 3 to 5 window before the ovulation day. If you have intercourse in the days prior and not the day of ovulation, you'll have more chances of having a girl because the female sperm can live longer in you and then meet up with the egg the day of ovulation. So... I would try on my ovulation day or at least the day before. Then again, it's not a guarantee. I wish you the best and hope you get that precious baby boy

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Oh yes there is a way. I did it.
3 things:
Male sperm swim faster
Female sperm are stronger and live longer.
To have a girl:
(I've heard it takes males a day or two to reproduce much sperm in their ejaculate, after they already ejaculated, so that's why I say have sex every two days, or every one or two days starting at day 9 for a girl)

If you have sex starting at day 9 of your menstrual cycle like once a day or once every two days, there will be a lot of female sperm up there when the egg pops out. The female sperm have had time to catch up to the faster male sperms before the egg even comes out day 14-16ish.
Also many of the male sperm from day 9 and 10 and 11 will have begun to die off by ovulation day 14-16ish or so, as they don't live as long as the female sperm, you will have a maximum concentration of female sperm already up there when the egg comes out on day 14-16ish or so. Since sperm can live 3-5 or so days) and even if when the egg pops out, a male and female sperm reach the egg at the same time, female sperm is more likely to enter first, as stronger.
If you want to have a boy,
You don't have any sex till day (well I waited till day 16 but I have a 31 day cycle)
Depending on your cycle if you hold off having any sex till after you are sure you've just ovulated, day 14, 15, or 16 (or use ovulation testers)
Then a male sperm is more likely to get up there first and enter as they are faster.
After ovulation, the egg is already out and waiting for the first sperm to reach it.
That's how I had a planned boy and planned girl. So far every person I have told this to has had the sex they chose before conception.
I will say it is not 100%
What it does is makes your chances something more like 70%/30%
Instead of 50% chance boy /50% chance girl.

Best wishes and good luck. :)

PS this is why couples that are really in love, doing it all the time, tend to have girls!!!


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Sex when you are most fertile can increase the chance of having a boy... but there is zero guarantee unless you adopt. We tried for a boy first... and ended up w/ two girls before our boy... and they were the first girls on my husband's side of the family since his aunt... so girls were rare in the first place.

The sperm determines the sex and I know men who are in a family of only boys... who fathered only girls. There are zero guarantees on gender unless you adopt. Period.

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Adopt......only way to know you are getting a boy. Otherwise be blessed with what you get!

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