How to Have a baby girl

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For those of you who want to have a girl- first find out when you ovulate, you can buy an ovulation package at your pharmacy, which includes taking your temp daily and watching for a mucus plug every month (do about 3 months) to be accurate. Have relations 3 days before you are due to ovulate. Also your partner should have ejaculated (once a day for 3 days) prior to the day of having relations. The female should not have an orgasm and after relations put a pillow under your bottom to help the sperm travel upward. This will increase your chances because the male sperm swims much faster than the female. The more the male ejaculates the less male sperm is created and female sperm can survive. I found this article in a magazine many years ago after I had three boys. With this I got my daughter and three friends of mine also had girls using this method.


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Yep, and I'll bet it's even "scientifically proven"...Yeah right.

This is NOT a foolproof method, this is a WIVES TALE. Folklore. Superstition.

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