How to have a civil break up with baby daddy?

Palesa - posted on 07/13/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )





I need advise on how to have a civil break up with my baby daddy? See the thing is he is with somebody else and they have a child together, the child is 2 months youner than mine, he is staying with this woman however he still thinks he still has a hold on me, he still see's me as his woman and thinks he can just come back into my life as and when he pleases. He has led me to think he was going to leave the other woman, they fight constantly and she has gotten his arrested a few times and calls cops on him everytime they have a disagreement however he still goes back to her, he send me messages that he still believes in us and that he is not happy with the other woman and everytime I think Im giving him a chance he just keeps hurting me. He tells me when the time is right we will be together and raise our child up together. He tells me he wouldnt be happy to see me with another man as he is jealous and possessive, I cannot sit around and wait for him to make up his mind, I am done waiting, seem he is having his bread buttered on both sides, Im done settling for second best and being his side piece, I am seen as the other woman. He is just plain selfish and I am sick of it. Please help.

Your advise is highly appreciated

Many thanks



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