How to help my 13 month breastfed daughter to SLEEP?

Bobbie - posted on 12/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13 month breastfed daughter has not had a single bottle- only my breasts. She takes naps in crib for 25 minutes(most often) to an hour and half (on rare occasions). She also goes to sleep in crib but only lasts an hour before she is up fussing again for my breast. I have co slept with her since birth which seemed to work for both of us but now I cant seem to get any sleep. Even co sleeping is not working because she squirms so much searching for my breast. My husband is more than willing to help however she wants the breast. She does not take a pacifier either. Our bedtime routine has been the same. 7PM bath time. We play for about 30 minutes to an hour. Also during that time she is on and off the breast. I am concerned for her sleep as well. Please help!!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated :-)



Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




Maybe I is time to wean her of the breast? This is my best suggestion.How ever I do respect your choice if your not ready to yet.You can't co sleep with her forever and if its causing you lack of sleep chances are its causing her lack of sleep as well there for its going to result in grumpy mommy and tired mommy and grumpy and tired baby.

You could bottle the breast milk and give it to her straight from the breast to bond in the day and give her a bottle at night that way she can sleep away from you.If you chose this option it will take a lot of patients and time but it will be worth it if you both will get more sleep from it.

Hope this helped.Good luck :)

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