how to help my 1st grader read better

Crystal - posted on 03/19/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




He hates reading he cries when I say lets read a book he says its not fun and its to hard to do how can I make it fun while he learns?


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You could go to a book store or library with him and let him choose a book that interests him. I didnt like reading when i was a child,but that changed when i got my first Goosebumps book. It was interesting so i enjoyed reading it. When he finds a book he is interested in,let him read it to you. You could for example say he shall read 10pages to you every evening. If he is interested in a certain subject like trucks or whatever,he could get a book on that subject.


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Connie - posted on 03/20/2015




Take turns reading paragraphs or sentences to keep him
Engaged. Read something he enjoys to keep him interested. You could try phonics as well most libraries have them to borrow.

Jodi - posted on 03/20/2015




He needs to be reading easier books. It is always advisable that you get them to read something that is a little easier than they are doing at school so that you can make the experience more fun. Maybe what you are reading is a bit hard for him.

Lucitta - posted on 03/19/2015




I went through the same thing with my daughter, Lu.
I found that story time is the key.
Don't read, just tell him a story. Make it a story he enjoys, and he is very interested in.
After the first few stories, bring out a book, and read the book to him. Stories, suitable for his age, that he is interested in.
Make him associate the book with interesting stories, not learning.
Eventually, go from "It's story time." to "It's reading time." Keep reading to him for a while, but give him a copy of the book, so he can follow along.
If he can read, and just doesn't like to, then he will probably be willing to read certain words for you, in a story he likes. If he isn't able to read yet, then go step by step, keeping the stories ones he likes.
I hope this helped.

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