how to help my 2yr old w/ sudden absence of father

Corrine - posted on 01/06/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My (ex) husband and I recently filed for divorce (he was living in home until days prior, for the kids, under an agreement), and in the days following he managed to get arrested and remains incarcerated. My 4 yr old seems to be ok w/ it, since she knows he no longer yells at mommy (and she was aware that he was absent or uninvolved often) I have always been their means of needs and support. My (almost) 2 yr old had a better relationship with him, and occasional she will come across photos, and get excited. I tell her that I know she loves her daddy, and he loves her. We smile, and give daddy kisses (through the pic) and she waves and says bye. He will be released soon, its undetermined weather he will remain in the state (he has no where to go here). Right now, I go to court for a PPO against him, which will involve the kids as well. In the future, I will only consent to supervised visitation (addiction issues), and Im not sure he will keep those. He IS a good dad, when he is able to be. I know that the girls and I are better off, and the right thing is being done, but it breaks my heart to see her get so excited. I know she is not able to comprehend all that's going on. Thanks for any input!!!

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